Mrigtrishna: The Burning Instinct

About The Play:
(Under the production of The Budding Amateur now Shadow Circle)
First Production: staged at N.C.Z.C.C, Allahabad on March 7, 2012 (Friday) at 7 pm.

Title: Mrigtrishna: The Burning Instinct
Playwright: Dhruva Harsh
Direction: Dhruva Harsh

Dhruva Harsh ’s play Mrigtrishna: The Burning Instinct  has a powerful burning 2storyline and deals with the pertinent & potent questions of cultural ethics, personal relationships & hypocrisy which exists in Indian families. It also highlights the issue of love & art  that are two sides of the same coin. The play questions the role of a society that treats artist ethics of personal love as well as love for his creation.

 This play was beautifully designed & directed  by Dhruva Harsh. Mrigtrishna: The Burning Instinct defiantly left the audience with thoughts & questions which are otherwise ignored by society.

Mrigtrishna: The Burning Instinct” is a play written by Dhruva Harsh, which narrates the b,istory of an artist who belongs to a family of Christians. They are resident of India since long.
Kevin Paul, the protagonist of the play, has affection for Zeenat, the beautiful Zoroastrian girl who has come from Kuwait. When she leaves him without any prior information, this love takes another shape. Along with being a lover, Kevin is also an artist, and later on, he is successfully able to reconcile these two passions into an organic whole. The real Zeenat who was made up of flesh and bones is very much like the lifeless portrait of this artist, when he finds out that the reality of Zeenat is desolate just like her nose. He breathes life into burning4the portrait adorning her with a nose-ring (nuth), thus fulfilling his desires in the reality of art. The emptiness of Zeenat’s nose symbolizes deception, while the nose ring is the symbol of the pure-passion of the artist. The barrenness of reality has to be eventually embellished by the imagination of art, and Zeenat painted on the canvas, with his own wearing blood the ornament with his own blood is burningthe Zeenat which was imagined by Kevin as an epitome of love and kindness. The mixing of blood with the oil-paint stands for his dedication and his pouring of his own life into his art, in this commitment he loses one by one his family members, and finally his own art, only to recognize that the art-piece he has created has no function but to decorate the house-walls of the people of the opulent class. Not wanting to lose his creation of love into the hands of luxury, Kevin decides to set afire the portrait which he loves more than life and thus reserving the privacy of his affections…

Cast & Credits
Kevin Paul (Elder): Kanishk Singh
Kevin Paul (Younger): Ashutosh Pandey
Teresa Paul: Kalpana Srivastava
Peter Paul: Vinod Saroj
Teacher: Vinod Saroj
Joy: Vineet Kumar
Stella Madam: Archana Shukla
Zeenat/ Shadow: Monica Singh
Mohan Jain: Manoj Kumar
Begger: Shiv Saroj
Students: Manish Kr., Shiv Saroj, Om, Akshay Srivastava

Off Stage
Light Design: Vinay Srivastava
Costume Design: Archana Shukla, Monica Singh
Costume Incharge: Ashutosh Pandey, Kalpana Srivastav
Music: Ashutosh Singh
Set Design: Kunwar Amrendu
Property: The Budding Amateurs Team
Make-up: Anil Chaudhary
Poster Design: Amit Tewari
Videography: Santosh Kumar
Photography: Salini Maheshwari
Announcement: Mehar wan
Stage Management: Kanishk Singh, Vineet Kumar
Poem: Dhruva Harsh
Voice-Over: Abhilas Narain, Vineet Kr, Dhruva Harsh
Publicity: Anveshan, Ashutosh Pandey, Vinod Saroj
Assistant Directon: Kanishk Singh
Playwright: Dhruva Harsh
Design & Direction: Dhruva Harsh



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