Cigarette & Shakespeare

About The Play:(Under the production of The Budding Amateur now Shadow Circle).(Allahabad based theatre Troupe).
First Production: staged at Rahul Saankrityayan auditorium, Azamgarh on 11th March, 2014 in a National Theatre Festival along with the play of Bhanu Bharti, Nadira Zaheer Babbar and Baharul Islam.
Title: Cigarette & Shakespeare
Playwright: Dhruva Harsh
Direction: Dhruva Harsh

“Cigarette & Shakespeare” deals not with the addiction of playwright Shakespeare towards Cigarette, but with a scholar’s story of association with Shakespeare and Cigarette. It is easy for a bereaved lover to indulge in chain smoking but here is a tussle between smoking and Shakespeare, where addiction to Shakespeare is equivalent to the love of a deep probe into the nature of life and after life.

The association of the protagonist with Shakespeare is due to the association of the central character’s deceased love with the great English playwright; as the lover begins to gradually love the things that are associated with his beloved. The play is not a promotion of Cigarette or an imposition of Shakespeare on a de-contexted audience, but a probe into the pangs of mortality which the beings of the world have to suffer, and an attempt of art to bring back Romeo his Juliet.


Cast & Credits

Adaiv: Abhishek Shukla
Matiny: Shatakshi Singh/Puppet
Will Shakespeare: Sanjeev Upadhyay
Zeus/God: Mukesh Upadhyay
Adam: Bhaskar Sharma

Off Stage

Light Design: Abhijit Agnihotri
Costume Design: Sadaf Siddiqui
Music: Ashutosh Singh
Music Operation: Aditya Agnihotri
Set Design & Puppetry: Kunwar Amrendu
Property: Bhaskar Sharma
Make-up: Anil Chaudhary
Poster Design: Kunwar Amrendu
Videography & Photography: Santosh Kumar
Voice-Over: Dhruva Harsh
Publicity: The Budding Amateurs Team now Shadow Circle
Literary Councilor: Fatima Noori
Playwright: Dhruva Harsh
Design & Direction: Dhruva Harsh

Few Stills From the Play

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