Che’guevara: A Romantic Revolutionary

About The Play:
(Under the production of The Budding Amateur now Shadow Circle)
First Production: staged at N.C.Z.C.C, Allahabad on April 25, 2013 (Thursday) at 7 pm.
Title: Che’guevara: A Romantic Revolutionary
Playwright: Dhruva Harsh
Direction: Dhruva Harsh

“Che’guevara: A Romantic Revolutionary” is a play written by Dhruva Harsh, based on the life of che7the great revolutionary named Ernesto Che’guevara that symbolizes the triumph of an ideology over the tyrannical imperialist. The chastening narrative has taken into account some of the glimpses of the describable phases (certainly the most significant) from the life of the dynamic and peripatetic humanist Che’guevara (1928-67).The story is the chronological description of his life, the purpose, the pursuit and the passing away. Che’s hysterical disposition for revolutionary idealism, his companionship with Fidel Castro, his longing for the divorced wife, Heida and love for the destined lady, Aleida, his obsessive zeal for the fatherland almost every aspect of his life is simply more than a mere didactic biography. Che’guevara is an exaggeration of human species.The play is an attempt to renew the romantic experience of heroism. It seeks to reaffirm the supremacy of the religion of man over religious fundamentalism. It gives preference to pan-national allegiance over hideous parochialism. It tries to blend the elixir of revolution with the morality of human life, revolution eventually idolizing death. All these and many more exemplified through the life and death of the charismatic Che’guevara who once exclaimed… “I take my desire for reality, because I believe in the reality of my desires.”

Remarks after production:

Dhruva Harsh’s “Che’guevara : A Romantic Revolutionary” deals with genuine and very  che22            serious content. The effective pace throughout the play is due to the sharply focused dialogues and scenes, which succeeds in crystallizing the portraits of the Che’guevara. In this performing text, Dhruva uses diverse sources. He explores the thought-provoking, informative narrative that grips the audiences / readers.

Pravin Shekhar
National Award Recepient
Director, Backstage Art Laboratory

“I am happy that a group of our students have taken the important and long needed stepche23 towards truly meaningful theatre in Allahabad. Their scripting and presenting this play, on their own, is not only the taking the kind of undaunted risk which make not only for good theatre, but is also a tribute to the charismatic Che’guevara, explored in relevantly contemporary terms. The coming together of alumni of first batch of the Centre for Theatre and film, University of Allahabad- Rahul Singh, and the 4th semester student of second batch Mukesh Upadhyay, with Dhruva Harsh, playwright and director who is currently enrolled under the D.Phil program from the department of English, in this endeavor, is the kind of synergy which augurs well for yet another beginning to restore the University to the crossroads of multiple cultures it was at a time. I wish the venture all success.”
Sachin Tewari
(Artistic Director, Campus Theatre, and Vice President, ASSITEJ)
20/4/2013 (Allahabad)

I am proud that our students have demonstrated that the sterile days of theatre in Allahabad are over – a new beginning has been made, far more relevant than existing trends. keep it up, may god bless you and the whole team to succeed in putting Allahabad back on the theatre map of India – a place of pride it had till the 80’s, but gradually lost thereafter. All my blessings go out to you, joining my prayers that may you be the harbingers of a new theatre which celebrates the human,truly. Biggest of god blesses!

Sachin Tewari
26/4/2013 (Allahabad)

Cast & Credits

Che’guevara: Mukesh Upadhyay
Fidel Castro: Ashish Giri
Raul Castro: Ashutosh Pandey
Heida Gadea/ Aleida March: Panchi Patel
Che’guevara’s daughter: Jahnavi Verma
American President: Amit Tewari
Beaurocrate: ManishSrivastav
Rodriguez: Veer Pratap Singh
Soul: Shiv Kr. Saroj
Man: Bhaskar Sharma
Comrades: Mukesh Jaiswal, Aditya Kesarwani,
Abhishek Jaiswal, Gaurav Sharma & others…

Off Stage
Light Design: Sujoy Ghosal
Costume Design: Sadaf Siddiqui
Costume Incharge: Ashutosh Pandey
Music: Ashutosh Singh
Set Design: Kunwar Amrendu
Property: Bhaskar Sharma & Veer Pratap Singh
Make-up: Anil Chaudhary
Poster Design: Dhruva Harsh, Nausad Ahmad
Videography & Photography: Santosh Kumar
Announcement: Avdhesh Yadav
Stage Management: Kanishk Singh
Voice-Over: Dhruva Harsh
Publicity: The Budding Amateurs Team now Shadow Circle
Assistant Direction: Kanishk Singh
Media Partners: Panjab Kesari Delhi, 93.5 Red FM
Playwright: Dhruva Harsh
Produced by: Haider Mehadi (Lucky), Zafar Masud (Bobby)
Design & Direction: Dhruva Harsh


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