Aye Zindagi Tu Ret To Nahi

DHRUVA HARSH, a prolific poet who writes both English & Hindi.Apart from a poet he is an independent Film maker and Playwright.His poems are testifying to perfect clarity of mind and concept.He is flawless in language, felicitous in expression, and aesthetic in style . His poems draw you into varying spells of the poet’s thinking and feeling.He tries to define inner complexities of feeling and thoughts vividly and frankly with a mystic veil enveloping his ideas and expression stimulated by symbolic ,subtle and sublime concatenation.

It is quite astonishing how a handful of well chosen words can convey different layer of his mind.As one enters in the domain of his creativity one is enamored with an inner struggle.The poet adjust his view of himself as he talks to us, sliding between different forms of self recognition and mis- recognition in a balancing act of self -talk.

Here Voice is mixture of talking and thinking .The self in transition creates the speech surface which resonates with conflicts ,passion and self-doubt.It would seem that nothing like two creatures could be more similar than the poet and the philosopher. Who else but a philosopher is disturbed by the deepest questions of meaning, and wishes to make a vocation out of solving the knottiest problems of truth and knowledge, morals and logic, existence and death? And who else but a poet could declare himself exempt from the strictures of conceptual thought, free to tamper with words to achieve any musical and playful effect his mood requires? “The poems below address important aspects of life in an engaging way.






गीत १
मुहब्बत की तड़प
और खुदा से ख़ुदाई की
सूफ़ी जिस्म है झूठा
परस्तिश में फ़नाई की
चेहरे वो नहीं;
जो सपनों में दिखा करते हैं…
सदियों से आदम को मिलने के
मैं आज की हव्वा
खरोंचों के लिबासों की
दर्द तेरे ग़म के
आंसू मेरे आँखों की …
सूफ़ी जिस्म है झूठा
परस्तिश में फ़नाई की
दर्द खिंची लकीर होती
तो रोके मिटा देती
आँसुओं से ऐसा क्या मिला है
जो कह दे दर्द कम हुआ है
इश्क़ तूं क्यूँ एक सुन्दर तिलिश्म है रौशनाई की
मुहब्बत की तड़प
और खुदा से खुदाई की…

ध्रुव हर्ष

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